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Lalea & Black specializes in a full range of business tax services for entrepreneurs and organizations. Tax planning and preparation are critical for long-term financial growth for individuals as well as companies. These processes require a well-thought-out strategy that optimizes your tax exposure, minimizes your risk, and considers your future needs.


Strategic Tax Planning

Tax planning is typically a year-end process. Given that most of our clients have integrated business management or accounting services, Lalea & Black optimizes and plans throughout the tax year. This enables us to maximize every tax benefit on behalf of our clients.

Long-Term Tax Strategy

We take business tax planning a step further. Our strategies focus on the long-term preservation of capital through mechanisms and vehicles that maximize tax law. We work closely with our clients to ensure a clear understanding of the process, benefits, and expected future results.

Wealth Preservation

Our business tax services align your business, tax planning, investment and retirement strategies into a synergistic and interactive process. Aligning all four components is vital to your ability to not only grow wealth, but to preserve it for both you and future generations.


Tax Services for Every Business Type


Tax laws are constantly changing, but our tax professionals always remain one step ahead of the curve in assessing and leveraging the most up-to-date tax obligations, requirements and advantages. We expertly navigate the unique complexities associated with personal taxes, corporate taxes, LLCs, LLPs, sole proprietorship businesses, joint ventures, general partnerships, and nonprofit organizations.

We also provide expert tax consulting on a full range of issues, including estate planning, trusts, and the process of buying or selling a business. If you are being audited and require tax authority representation, we can deal with the IRS on your behalf to work toward the best possible resolution. We address all of your tax needs so that you can focus on running your business.


Retirement Tax Services


The world is an uncertain place, and the social insurance mechanisms that past generations have relied upon may not be available to future generations. Actively integrating retirement-focused strategies to maximize today and tomorrow are vital, effective tax liability mitigation tools.

Managing taxes comes down to the most fundamental concept in this process: planning. Being able to plan and forecast results in order to maximize the benefits within the tax code is critical to preserving perhaps the most significant results in any business; its retained earnings.
— Daniel Litvin / CEO

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