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Fully-Managed Accounting Services for the Entertainment Industry

Entertainment professionals have uniquely complex requirements when it comes to accounting and taxes. Our CPA experts work extensively with members of the entertainment industry, providing high-level financial management and consulting. Our entertainment accounting services ensure the long-term profitability and financial security of individuals and businesses across the entire industry spectrum.

In addition to accounting and bookkeeping, we specialize in a full range of financial management services, including:

  • Contract negotiations

  • Tax incentives, planning and compliance

  • International taxes

  • IRS audit assistance

  • Film production reporting systems


Entertainment Professionals Served by Our CPA Professionals

Los Angeles is home to storied film studios, iconic sports franchises, and a world-famous music scene. We work with all types of world-renowned talent, including:

  • Actors

  • Musicians

  • Record labels

  • Writers and directors 

  • Industry technicians

  • Broadcasting companies and talent

  • Agents, talent scouts, and executives 

  • Print and online publishers

  • Web and video game companies

  • Film production and distribution professionals


Our CPAs have developed financial and tax strategies unique to each client. We work closely with every client, providing entertainment accounting services that are discreet, compliant, and focused on retaining your capital.


Why Entertainment Professionals Choose Our Accounting Services

Our CPAs aren’t simply experts in financial management. We work side-by-side with our clients, helping you to brave the complexities of the industry with confidence and authority. We help you plan for long-term financial security in a business filled with ups and downs. We provide planning for expense payments to stabilize your cash flow between jobs, consult with you on contract negotiations, and help you to navigate the confusing world of residuals and royalties. 

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the financial requirements and nuances of your industry. We’re here to handle the day-to-day requirements and help you maintain your prosperity while you focus on entertaining the masses.


Choose Lalea & Black

We’re an experienced Los Angeles accounting firm that works closely alongside our clients and ensure that your goals remain our top priority. 

  • We customize our accounting services according to your needs and deliver timely reports so you always know what’s going on. 

  • We use secure, cloud-based systems to manage your financials, ensuring that your information is always private and easily accessible to you. 

  • All work is done by our staff in Los Angeles; we never outsource your data to third-party or foreign entities for any reason.

Entertainment Taxes

Entertainers have some of the most complicated tax requirements. You may have to deal with the complexities of being an independent contractor with a high net worth. You may have to understand how to calculate federal  and multi-state tax liabilities and even international income. If you’re a non-resident alien serving as an athlete or entertainer, you have your own special tax requirements. 

Entertainment professionals also have access to lesser-known tax deductions and incentives, and we take steps to ensure that you receive every advantage you’re entitled to. From calculating finder’s fees to understanding central withholding agreements, we take care of all the tax details.


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