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Lalea & Black specializes in end-to-end business management services. We help entertainers, founders and entrepreneurs make informed decisions based on long-term growth. Our fully-managed services include creation of short and long-term strategy, on-going business consulting, and financial planning to help companies thrive.

Our business strategy and management services cover many of the key aspects of business ownership, including but not limited to: choosing the appropriate business entity (LLC or corporations), setting up proper payroll systems, investment opportunities + administration, estate planning, tax strategy + compliance, and much more.

Our business management services are also completely transparent. We don’t treat you as a mere client but as an esteemed partner.


Customized Services

Whether you are an entertainment professional, a high-net-worth individual or an entrepreneur, our progressive approach to workflow and the solutions we implement are designed to put your personal and business affairs on autopilot. Our services are customized according to your needs and goals, and our shared platform ensures that you always have full access to the work we’re doing. You’re never left in the dark.

Complete Transparency

As a trusted advisor, we understand that many clients requiring business management services prefer a hands-off approach with a guarantee that everything is properly handled. Our processes and systems nevertheless allow you to track and monitor what we do nearly in real time whether your preference is to be actively involved or hands-off. You will have access to your information in the palm of your hands.

Signatory Privileges

Do you want to maintain full authority over payment approval, or would you rather rely on us for payment processing discretion and cash flow management? The choice is yours. Either way, you will receive an immediate electronic notification and summary of every transaction that is requested or processed. You're always in control, and you're never left in the dark when it comes to the payment side of business management.

We have been working with Lalea & Black for several years now and I can not say how delighted we have been with their services. Daniel is a top notch CPA and has a thorough understanding of how to support a high growth business in setting up systems and reporting.
— Joe Liebke, CEO @ Villaway

Why Our Business Management Services Are Different


The personal investment we make to you is one of the biggest differences that separates us from other business management service providers.

As your business partners, we will propose strategies to optimize your personal budget, investments, and tax planning. We will be there to serve as your trusted advisor, helping you work through every challenge.

As a client of Lalea & Black, you will receive accounting support for your business and 24/7 access to your financial data. You can count on timely reporting, expert insights, and access to your own CPA account manager.

Best of all, everything is included in one monthly price. There are no hourly CPA fees or other unexpected costs, just executive-level service from top industry professionals


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