How it Works

Your financial strategy requires accurate and timely reporting

With Lalea & Black and e-Dashboard, establish a reliable financial reporting system managed by professionals



Provide Us Access to Your Info

Let us turn accounting into a seamless system!

Our CPA’s automate the financial process and streamline your accounting system. Banking, credit card and vendor transactions integrate seamlessly. We utilize tools such bank lock box and ACH eliminating exposure to the risks of employees manually performing collections. We minimize your headaches, increase productivity and produce fast and accurate results.


Optimizing Your Environment

We customize the optimal solutions for your business.

One of our greatest strengths is our technological understanding of the various solutions that free your accounting from being hostage to either your office or personnel. Whether your prefer a hosted desktop environment or a complete cloud-driven solution, our goal is to create a customized accounting and reporting system that gives you 24/7 access to your financial info from virtually any internet-connected device.


We Manage the System

Accounting, reporting and system management.

Our remotely managed back office solutions provide small businesses the critical day-to-day accounting support at their fingertips. As your trusted partner, we perform the everyday accounting tasks that include paying your bills, recording deposits, furnishing financial statements and providing valuable financial results for management. We automate, streamline and create a seamless accounting process.


On-Call Advisory Included

We are on-call for you!

Our team of experts is comprised of CPA’s, MBA’s, and industry professional from top institutions. A distinguishing feature of our service is being YOUR On-Call advisor. We integrate CFO-style advisory as part of our service at no additional cost. You will no longer be charged costly hourly rates by your CPA for advice on the financial and tax impacts of your business decisions. This translates into significant cost savings and the peace of mind that our expert team will be here to guide your through the most complex business decisions.

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