Bookkeeping Services In Los Angeles

Bookkeeping Services In Los Angeles

U.S.-Based Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Lalea & Black’s outsourced bookkeeping services are the perfect compliment to the busy entrepreneur or small business owner that needs to focus on operations. Our team of Los Angeles bookkeeping professionals use our web-based accounting platform to tailor a custom bookkeeping solution to perfectly fit your business. You’ll receive:

  • Real-time data capture and account allocation
  • Access to our accounting platform from any internet-connected device
  • CPA account managers that are always on call
  • Accounting consistency & reporting you can rely on

As with all of our accounting & bookkeeping services, CPA concierge services are included free of charge. You will always have a tax expert ready to help you with your financial questions. This eliminates the costly “business-to-bookkeeper-to-CPA” inefficiencies and receive valuable financial advice year-round all for one flat monthly fee.

Why Use Our Professional Bookkeeping Solutions?

Small businesses & midsize companies benefit from using our outsourced bookkeeping solutions in several key ways:

  • High-level expertise – our team is staffed with only the most qualified individuals with strong backgrounds and experience in finance. The collective knowledge we bring to the table exceeds that of a single bookkeeper.
  • Affordable cost – our bookkeeping services cost just a fraction of what an in-house bookkeeper costs. Our pricing is determined by a number of factors like transaction volumes and reporting frequency, but most small businesses save over 75% on bookkeeping costs by using our services.
  • Flat fees – not only are our services affordable, but our flat monthly fee structure lets you plan accordingly for your monthly, quarterly, and annual budgets.
  • Custom solutions – every client’s needs are unique so we make sure to customize our solution to fit their business. We work with you directly to make sure our process integrates seamlessly with your business operations and delivers everything you need to drive your business forward.

Our onboarding & training processes are simple and fast. You define your immediate needs and we integrate our solutions with your systems. Whether you have existing systems or you need us to help you establish processes, our approach to streamlining your bookkeeping is a top priority from the start.

We’re an outstanding team of outsourced bookkeeping professionals that truly cares about moving your business forward. Let’s get in touch and discuss how we can help.


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