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Smart Business Solutions

Our team of experts is comprised of CPA's, MBA's, industry and real estate professionals from top institutions.


Optimizing Business Capital

With combined decades of exposure to both small business and global environments, take advantage of our wealth of experience.


Making Technology Work For You

Featuring our business management system, we transform the way you do business by providing accurate real-time reporting.


  • "The e-Dashboard platform completely eliminated our accounting headaches and provided us with a great resource for getting our accounting and tax questions answered. Our professional services costs decreased and the service scope and quality has improved."

    Robino Jones, President,

  • "We recently migrated our internal accounting to the e-Dashboard business management platform. It’s significantly reduced the cost of our back office and we couldn’t be happier that our books are being managed by reliable professionals. "

    David Ross, CEO, 1st Financial Merchant Group

  • "We started utilizing the e-Dashboard service at some of our smaller subsidiaries. We can now easily track activities from the Lalea & Black website. I highly recommend Lalea & Black to any business in need of sound advice and guidance. "

    Daniel Marks, Executive VP, Berg Mill Supply Co.

  • "Lalea & Black is truly the 21st century accounting firm. As my company grew, it came to the point where we needed a higher level of service. I can’t begin to explain how much value I place on service providers that promptly reply to phone calls and emails."

    Charlie Katz, CEO, Budget Van Lines, Inc. Firm Certified


How forward thinking professional services organizations are providing value to business owners. It’s a game changer!


Starting a new business is an undeniably exciting and liberating process. Unfortunately, it is often a process burdened with questions and uncertainties. Some of the most common issues pertain to how to best structure your business. Although a sole proprietorship is the easiest to establish, the following needs to be considered:



Lalea & Black, LTD is Redefining Professional Services!

Reach out to one of our CPA Business Managers today and learn how we can revolutionize your company's accounting back office.

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