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Founder Bio

Daniel Litvin, CPA, MBADaniel R. Litvin, Founder, is a California CPA and an MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business. With nearly two decades of industry and public accounting experience ranging from large international accounting firms to tax strategy focused regional accounting firms, Daniel has excelled in attestation, taxation, mergers/acquisitions and consulting matters in a wide variety of industries. Through these experiences, Lalea & Black, LTD was formed so Daniel could follow his passion of providing support to the folks he most relates to; entrepreneurs and entertainment industry talent. Given the various challenges they face, Lalea & Black, LTD set out to provide the support and knowledge so these visionaries have every opportunity to fully focus on living out their dreams.

Our Business Model

Lalea & Black, LTD is a Public Accounting organization that focuses on business management, accounting office outsourcing, tax services and CFO services.

We provide turnkey solutions to managing and performing critical transactional and accounting functions through automation, process and platform. This includes paying bills, recording deposits, managing payroll, managing tax matters and furnishing financial statements while helping navigate through complex financial and tax decisions . Our goal is to ensure that clients focus on what counts and not on time consuming compliance obligations.

Reduce risk and gain efficiency by letting Lalea & Black, LTD manage your back office.


Our perpetual mission at Lelea & Black is to provide our clients with unparalleled service quality, tools and knowledge. Our philosophy focuses on our clients’ unique needs while our service and technical expertise sets our organization apart. We take pride in our clients and our profession. We care about our work, communities and one another. These core values help us recruit and retain an exceptional team with broad experience in accounting, technology and customer service. Our commitment to professionalism and focus on service excellence extends to all our clients. We believe this makes us a successful company with clients who value us as much as we value them.

Daniel R. Litvin, CPA, MBA
Lalea & Black, LTD
President & Founder

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