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Most Common Questions:

1. Is this only for small businesses?

No. In fact, our average clients generate between $1 million and $5 million in annual sales. Our largest client generates $20 million in annual sales and we’re their complete accounting team.

2. How do we get our documents to Lalea & Black?

We utilize both modern and traditional methods to receive your documents.  All our hosted accounts come with dedicated hard drive space so you can securely upload documents to the client portal.  You post to our inbox and we download the data.  Additionally,  you can use Dropbox, email or even U.S. mail. It’s easier thank you might think.

3. How long does it take to get set up?

The average on-boarding timeframe is approximately two weeks before we’re in full swing. If your books need to be cleaned up, it could take longer. During this setup phase, we will however help you maintain your current accounting requirements.

4. Why should I hire Lalea & Black over an in-house bookkeeper?

We can provide up to  a 35% cost savings, we include our exclusive CPA Concierge service to help you understand the financial and tax impacts of business decisions and we’re based in the USA.

5. Is there a contract?

We’re a month-to-month service, stand by our work and will never require long-term agreements.

6. Are there setup fees?

If your books need work to catch-up when you engage , we can help you clean them up for a one-time fee. If your books are current, there is no setup fee. We’ve helped a lot of businesses cleanup years of poor accounting. If your books are in bad shape, don’t worry, getting you current is what we do best.

7. How do I get access to my accounting software?

In most cases, we will host your accounting software on our servers so you can access the system over the internet.

8. Are we required to host our accounting software in the Lalea & Black Data Center?

Not at all. We work with you to customize solutions the maximize the ease of use, function and security.

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